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Rachael Boer, Certified Professional Photographer


With over a decade of experience in the portrait and wedding industry, Rachael brings creativity and vision to every photography session. Together with a small team of support staff, she has photographed dozens of weddings and hundreds of portrait sessions, and her clients are consistently thrilled by her stunning imagery and the outstanding customer experience Rachael provides. 

Rachael maintains an active role in the photography community, and is a sought-after educator at the local and national level. Several years ago, Rachael co-created IPS Mastermind, a popular and growing photography business education site. She regularly speaks on topics of photography and business, and helps other photographers elevate their craft through workshops and one-on-one mentoring. 

Recent speaking engagements include the Shoot to Print tour with Sal Cincotta, East Coast School in North Carolina, regional PPA events, PPA webinar series, and numerous workshops with IPS Mastermind. Upcoming speaking engagements include Imaging USA 2019 and local PPA chapters throughout the country.

Prepared Programs:

Most of these programs can be condensed into 1-2 hour versions, or expanded to 1-2 day versions

  • In-Person Sales Bootcamp

    • Take a deep dive into the art and science of sales. Rachael will demystify this topic, providing real-world examples and step by step directions for how to start selling in person for the first time, or how to increase your average sale. Rachael is well known for her teaching on this topic! This course also includes teaching on handling common objections, and, if time allows, can include some role-playing so students can see how the flow of a sale works.

  • Pricing for Profit

    • Pricing can make you want to pull out your hair, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Learn some pricing strategies that will help you craft a price list that is perfect for you. If enough time is allowed, some one-on-one pricing review may be helpful for individual audience members.

  • Marketing: Make it Happen

    • One of the most requested topics for education among photographers is marketing. Everyone wants to know how to find more clients who will value them and their work, and that’s exactly what Rachael covers in this class. Learn how to identify your ideal client, how to target them with a unique marketing message, and how to develop a consistent marketing calendar so you can bring in the volume you are looking for year-round.

  • Elevate your Client Experience to Grow your Business

    • This program focuses on crafting a positive experience for each client who comes through your door, from inquiry through final interaction. We will examine ways this elevates our brand, sets us apart from the competition, and work on building our own unique client experience roadmap that we want to implement. With great attention to detail, we can blow our clients away and exceed their expectations, which will make them much more likely to recommend us to their friends, and return year after year.


Rachael is often sponsored by H&H Color Lab and IPS Mastermind.

She is located in Memphis, TN, but enjoys traveling worldwide to share her business knowledge in small or large group contexts.

Rachael Boer, CPP | Memphis, TN



Rachael was thorough, honest and so very generous with sharing her ideas and experience. Her advice and suggestions were exactly what I needed to take my business further.
— Michelle, Australia
[Rachael] continually goes above and beyond to support her students because she genuinely cares about their success. I will forever be a huge fan of Rachaels and feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
— Kelly, Maryland

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